Lake Havasu's Local Pet Supply Store


Self - Serve Bathing Stations


We now offer self-serve bathing stations located in the back of the store. They feature two stations with auto dispense shampoos and conditioners, along with low heat blow dryers. Each station has state of the art stainless tubs with walk in ramps and lead/leash holders. Aprons, towels, and brushes are provided. 

House Rules for The Self Serve Bathing Stations



• Beautiful Beards Boutique requires all pets entering our facility to be up to date on vaccinations

• Pets with fleas or ticks must be treated and be completely free of bugs prior to entering our facility (In order to maintain the cleanliness of our store and protect the health of our other customers, we need to enforce a strict NO flea and tick policy)

• You may bring your own shampoo or conditioner to bathe your dog with, however, this will not affect the flat rate fee of $17 per half hour

 • If you do not use the full 30 minutes, you will not receive a discounted rate. If you go over, you will be charged $5 for every 15 minutes additional

• For the safety of all our customers, disruptive and/or aggressive dogs may be asked to leave at management’s discretion

• Children 16 years old and younger must be attended by and under the supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times

• After bathing your pet, Please spray down the tub and put dirty towels in the basket provided (A fee of $10 will be assessed if the area is left excessively dirty)

• Any brushes that are used, please clean out excess fur and place in the provided tray so they can be properly cleaned by the staff

• Staff has the right to ask you to leave at any time if you mistreat the equipment or are disruptive to other customers

 • Beautiful Beards Pet Spaw LLC dba Beautiful Beards Boutique will NOT be liable for any injuries or damages to self, your pet, or any personal items while using our Self-Serve Stations